Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodbye, Utah, and thanks, with love.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A bit ago, I had poems published in Bob Heman's magazine of very short poems, CLWN WR. The earlier issues Bob sent me contain some truly magnificent stuff (as does the one I'm in). Not easy to get, but well worth your while if you can find it.

I've also got new stuff in the latest Moria, which is easy to find. It's a fine, fine online magazine.
If the first line begins with a lowercase letter, it gives the title (assuming there is a title) the opportunity to link up with the first line, which can be extremely interesting (if not exactly a rarity in the writing I read & write) when there are possibilities for multiple syntaxes, so that the title & opening line can be equally read as independent or conjoined.

Tips of branches of the maple in the front yard, which a few weeks ago pointed into the air three feet above my head, are now so weighted with great green leaves and pods (these someday to whirl and spin in their fall) that they end below my waist.

And junebugs are here, banging against the door, though it isn't June.

I have recently read:

Bob Perelman, Primer and To the Reader (both for the second or third time)
Juliana Spahr, The Transformation
Benjamin Friedlander, A Knot is Not a Tangle
Graham Foust, Necessary Stranger
William Faulkner, The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion
Eileen Myles, Sorry, Tree

all of which I adored--or found therein much to take the breath away.