Friday, February 10, 2006

Turns out I share a birthday (the 7th) not only with Laura Ingalls Wilder, Dickens, Sinclair and (I think) C.S. Lewis and (ahem) Garth Brooks, but also with Robert Duncan’s mom (see “Passages 23” in Bending the Bow).

Also, I've decided I like Duncan, on my umpteenth attempt at reading him. I think I need to take his stuff in large doses, and not think about how much more I like Spicer, and Blaser, for that matter.

Ok, that’s not such an interesting start to this blog (though an odd little poem inspired by it will, later this evening, appear on my other blog). I’ll be writing a bunch more once I get back to Madison in a few days. San Diego is exhausting; I’ll report on the art I’ve recently seen here in the next post or two.


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