Friday, October 05, 2007

Some quotations from Robin Blaser's 1973 essay 'The Stadium of the Mirror' (in The Fire, UC Press 2006):

The Other is not an object, but acts chiasmatically (Merleau-Ponty's word). Not a stillness. Not a rest. Always the opposite and companion of any man's sudden form. This is the unrest given to thought. And to our invisibility. Perhaps this is also the life of Beauty whose companion is a terror or coldness. (28)

Under the arrangement of words (hypotaxis), the hierarchies come to a stasis. A standing still. [...] Ek--out of stasis. Ecstasy. [...] Through the arrangement of words (parataxis), there is a speech alongside my speech, which allows a double-speech. A placement. The Other is present and primary to our speaking. There is no public realm without such polarity of language. The operation of its duplicity is the poetic job. (32)

An actual directive of all serial poems is that the series is other than, not simply more than, its parts [...] the serial poem constantly circumscribes an absence that brings its presences to life. (33-34)

The ontological necessity of what we are speaking is our invisibility, the companion of our visibility. One may offer another only a world, not oneself. (34)

Stops. The thought of totals, the original totalitarianism, is a rooted dissimulation and turns the present into the past or into the already thought. (34)

All true language is thought and so reverses into experience. (36)



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