Sunday, November 04, 2007

I had a great time reading with Kent tonight in Milwaukee. He's a sweetheart, and a fine reader.

Kent read from I Once Met (anecdotal memoir-paragraphs on meeting/not meeting poets, scholars, his own children); it's a funny and tender book, as moving in the sections I suspect are made up as in the ones I think aren't.

We had goat curry beforehand with Roberto and Brenda; Roberto sure can cook, and it was lovely of him to set up the reading.

Hung out with varied buddies old and new at Tony's, one of the comfier bars I've visited in recent memory. Finally met David Baptiste-Chirot in person.

I feel like being extremely kind and considerate to everyone
and I feel like reading lots and lots of poetry. For very many years.

I also feel that I have eaten too much delicious pizza, but that I've digested enough of it to go to sleep.


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