Thursday, April 01, 2010

Take the National Poetry Month Challenge!

For all that National Poetry Month is, yes, a kind of hokey thing

I enjoy using it as an excuse to read and write a lot

So I will read a book of poetry every day

(Almost always one I’ve never read before)

Going through the alphabet letter by letter

(I’m going to start with a book by George Albon

and can only imagine finishing with Zukofsky)

And writing a little review/report/reflection

As well as a poem responding in some way to the poet in question

Posting all this—probably the day after each session—

On this rarely-used blog

Join me! Read a book a day. Write in response. Or just do the former.

Start a blog to keep track of it, or post to a blog you already have

Or send me your list

Because I’m curious

You’ll notice that there are more days in April

Than the alphabet has letters

Which makes it easy to take more than one day

For a given book

If needed

And that additional days (at least for me)

Will be gained by the absence of Q and X

(In my collection)

(Last year I finished all but two of the books

One of them having been quite thick

And managed to keep up with the posts

Until about halfway through the alphabet

After which I kept writing them

But decided to sleep more

And so never got them online


It’s fun)

all the best,



  • At April 2, 2010 at 12:59 AM, Anonymous Kate said…

    HOORAY! You're so darned neat.

    I am reading three books today but have completed none of the three just yet. However, one does make unexpectedly liberal mention of Captain Beefheart, which I feel is just as...well, heartening. lvk


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