Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stanislaw Lem died. Shit!
People who have read Borges but haven't read Stanislaw Lem should read Stanislaw Lem. People who haven't read Borges and haven't read Stanislaw Lem should read Stanislaw Lem.
People who have or have not read Stanislaw Lem should read Stanislaw Lem.
Stanislaw Lem should read Stanislaw Lem. But he can't.

I have a funny three-line poem in the upcoming issue of Dirt. It's apparently free;
PR Primeau is a generous editor. Who accepts donations, incidentally. To order, write
to persistencia_press@yahoo.com.

A chapbook of my sequence A Screening (of the first twenty-five refugees as filmed by V. and assistants after the wrong target got hit) has been published by Shoestring Press.

Ok, so Shoestring Press is me, when I have enough money to go to the copy shop--but let's make that our little secret. It's a nice-looking book, though. To order, write to shoestringpress@yahoo.com, or send me six bucks.

I'm happy to have forced myself to stop editing it.


  • At April 18, 2006 at 7:06 AM, Blogger JOT said…

    Hi Andy

    Just saw you'd been back on Ron's site, so wanted to send best wishes as to the Threepenny Opera--hope it's going great!

    And you're right about Lem too. He must have achieved a Ripe Old Age. I presume you've seen the Tarkovsky film of Solaris, which is so moving. I gather there's a remake, which one awaits 'with interest', but Version 1 will be hard to beat.

    Best wishes

    Hey incidentally my wife's Arden edition of Hamlet has just had an American launch in Philadelphia and is about to have an English launch tomorrow at the Globe. Philly launch at the Shakespeare Asso of Am went really well.

    Best again


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